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Caixa Techniques

Samba Ottawa 19-Mar-12

Caixa Fundamentals

Time signature for Samba is 2/4. Two beats to a bar and a quarternote gets one beat. <p >One quarter note equals 4 nos 16th notes. For every surdo hit there are 4 caixa hits.<p >Caixa plays 16th notes, giving 8 nos 16th notes per bar - the grid below is blocked out for caixa.

Typical Notation

Other instruments X
Caixa regular hit x
Caixa accent hit X
Rim shot R
Buzz roll w


Typical Patterns

Note: each square represents a 1/16th note - which is great for caixa and shaker, but maybe not so obvious for others. Set a metronome to it.