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Samba Ottawa enjoys performing at various events such as parades, festivals, and different types of celebrations.  To see what types of events we perform at, see our Up-Coming and Past Gigs section. 
To see our types of performances, visit the videos section of our website.  

Samba Ottawa has two different types of performances – percussion only or vocal repertoire. 
A performance could also include both types of repertoire. 

With percussion only performances we can parade and move around to engage the crowd, keeping in mind our heavy drums and the limited mobility this provides. 
Due to the very loud nature of our instruments we generally perform outdoors, but can perform in large indoor spaces.  Samba Ottawa does not perform outdoors during inclement weather. 

A walkthrough of the performance and venue is recommended. 
For parading, a walkthrough must be done. 

Feel free to come to any of our rehearsals to see us in action!

Interested in booking us?  Read and complete this document and email it to

Carleton U Students!

Samba Ottawa is an official external ensemble of Carleton University's BMus program. BMus students can earn credits by practicing and performing with Samba Ottawa.
Contact Us for more details.